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A window for peace may be opening in Afghanistan Washington Post 14/06/2018
What is Behind The Eid Cease Fire with the Taliban ALJAZEERA Opinion 10/06/2018
Theo Farrell’s Unwinnable shows Britain never had a chance in Afghanistan Prospect Magazine 24/01/2018
Lenin and Sultan Galiev – The Struggle For Islam in the Bolshevik Revolution Dawn Today 13/11/2017
Afghanistan: What Troops Can’t Fix The New York Review of Books 26/09/2017
Trump’s Afghan policy is tougher than Pakistan expected Financial Times 22/08/2017
Why we all need to watch Brad Pitt’s film War Machine? BBC Online 02/07/2017
Afghanistan: It’s Too Late The New York Review of Books 18/06/2017
Can Afghan leader tackle crisis of confidence? BBC: Viewpoint 05/06/2017
Trepidation at the Return of the Afghan warlords Financial Times, The Exchange 31/05/2017
Afghanistan: Making It Worse The New York Review of Books 18/04/2017
UAE’s relationship with Taliban questioned after Afghanistan bomb Financial Times, The Exchange 04/02/2017
Moscow moves into the Afghanistan vacuum Financial Times, The Exchange 13/01/2017
Why Afghan refugees are facing a humanitarian catastrophe? BBC Online 12/10/2016
The Killing of Osama Bin Laden by Seymour M. Hersh. Verso, 132pp, $19.95 The New York Review of Books 15/09/2016
A shaky holding operation in Afghanistan FINANCIAL TIMES 02/09/2016
Carrot and stick policy needed with Afghan Taliban Dawn News 11/03/2016
Afghanistan Taliban: Can talks succeed? BBC 27/02/2016
New York Review of Books The Tolo TV news studio 18/02/2016
Sangin shows the west must stay committed to Afghanistan Financial Times 24/12/2015
While we weren’t looking, the Taleban surged back in Afghanistan The Spectator. 16/12/2015
Chaos within Afghan Taliban as leadership struggle intensifies Financial Times. 10/11/2015
The Afghan battlefield has become more complicated ALJAZEERA Opinion 02/11/2015
Can Afghanistan hold on? New York Book Review 19/10/2015
Air cover is what Afghanistan needs from the west Financial Times 16/10/2015
Kunduz hospital tragedy unlikely to focus west on Afghans’ plight Financial Times 05/10/2015
The far-flung fallout from the capture of Kunduz Financial Times Opinion 01/10/2015
Why Afghan refugees are heading for Europe Financial Times 26/09/2015
Ghani is running out of options in Afghanistan BBC : Viewpoint: 01/08/2015
Peace talks come at critical time for both Afghan president and Taliban FINANCIAL TIMES 14/07/2015
Why Afghanistan’s neighbours fear drugs influx BBC 02/07/2015
Afghan military crisis is more acute than a car bomb Financial Times – The Exchange. 23/06/2015
Jihad’s New Frontier: Tajikistan New York Times 11/06/2015
Will widening Taliban Offensive target a major Afghan City? Financial Times 22/05/2015
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Overshadows Afghan Battlefield Gandhara, Radio Free Europe 12/05/2015
Author Weighs In On Afghanistan-Pakistan Intricacies 6/05/2015
The story behind the reappearance of Mullah Omar Financial Times 10/04/2015
China inherits Obama’s nightmare De Zeit Security Times 12/02/2015
Ashraf Ghani needs Pakistan help with Taliban talks BBC Online 13/01/2015
China’s power play in Afghanistan Financial Times 13/01/2015
Remembering Christmas Day in Afghanistan, 1979 Financial Times 26/12/2014
Pakistan: Worse Then We Knew New York Reviews 11/05/2014
India Risks Destablishing Afghanistan BBC News Asia 07/04/2014
Central Asian states must unite to halt the spread of jihadism Financial Times 20/01/2014
Afghanistan has more to worry about than US bases BBC News Asia, 03/01/2014
Afghanistan year zero The Spectator Magazine, London, 13/12/2014
The U.S. Drone Program is Fatally Flawed 10/09/2013
Al-Qaeda’s new tactic: prison breaks Financial Times 05/08/2013
Can Taliban talks be revived after the ‘Doha debacle’? BBC NEWS 29/06/2013
Karzai Receives Mixed Reviews on Approach to Peace Process Tolo tv News Afghanistan 27/06/2013
Karzai is part of the problem The Financial Times Comment ‘A’ List 25/06/2013
Afghanistan After the War Is Peace Possible? The New Republic 28/03/2013
The US needs a mediator for Afghanistan Financial Times Comment ‘A’ List 19/02/2013
In Taliban’s Media Evolution, Press Became an Enemy The Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ) 14/02/2013
The True Benchmark for Maturity and Stability Ahmed Rashid 01/02/2013
What 2012 has meant for Afghanistan? BBC News 30/12/2012
Obama must seize moment for Taliban talks by Ahmed Rashid Financial Times 13/12/2012
Pakistan seeks Afghan talks between government, Taliban and US BBC News Online 07/12/2012
Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal News in Brief 13/11/2012
Strategy shift for smooth Afghan transition BBC News Online 14/10/2012
The Return of ‘The Runaway General’ The New York Review of Books 27/09/2012
Time for Pakistan to push Afghan talks with the Taliban Financial Times 31/08/2012
Western withdrawal need not mean civil war in Afghanistan. But America must talk to the Taleban Ahmed Rashid 18/08/2012
Afghanistan: Peace signals from the Taliban BBC News Online Asia 01/08/2012
Aid will not sustain Afghanistan’s economy Financial Times 30/07/2012
The Cloak of Silence: Afghanistan’s Human Rights Mappings New York Times 27/07/2012
“Honest broker needed for Afghan endgame, ” say experts Islamabad 12/07/2012
The Mess in Afghanistan Ahned Rashid 12/02/2004
Russia and China eye role in Afghanistan and Pakistan BBC Online 06/06/2012
Why Are We Abandoning the Afghans? New York Review Of Books 22/05/2012
The Pentagon echoes with the hubris of Vietnam Financial Times 01/05/2012
Crises collide in Afghanistan 16/04/2012
Afghanistan Reconsidered: What the U.S. Should Do Now The New Republic 22/03/2012
The West must strike a deal with the Taliban to end the Afghan war Financial Times 12/03/2012
Security vs. Reconciliation: The Afghan Conundrum New York Review of Books Blog 13/02/2012
Talking with the Taliban Security Times 03/02/2012
Prediction from the Financial Times list of challenges for 2012. Financial Timess 22/12/2011
NYRblog : Roving thoughts and provocations from our writers The New York Review of Books 13/12/2011
Al-Qa’eda’s new war Spectator, London 10/12/2011
Madam secretary, only ‘talk’ can save Afghanistan Financial Times 04/12/2011
Afghan peace at stake in Bonn BBC Online 04/12/2011
Viewpoint: Will meetings solve the Afghan problem? BBC Online 15/11/2011
Once again US Afghan policy is hobbled by divisions Financial Times 19/09/2011
What the Taliban Want The New York Review of Books 29/08/2011
Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen on the Occasion of Eid-ul-fitre 29/08/2011
Afghanistan needs a break from the Seals Financial Times 02/08/2011
Clear-cut policy urged after Afghan pullout The News International 29/07/2011
The Afghan Enforcer I Knew The New York Times 12/07/2011
Afghanistan: Tense times for delicate US-Taliban talks BBC Online 01/07/2011
The Truth Behind America’s Taliban Talks Financial 29/06/2011
Why the US needs Mullah Omar alive BBC Online 23/05/2011
Transition before a political settlement ‘is absurd’ Afghan Analysts Network 09/05/2011
How US intends to end war with Taliban Financial 18/04/2011
Carla Grissmann The Telegraph 08/04/2011
Anti-Us Sentiment is Rife in Afghanistan and Pakistan BBC- Online 08/04/2011
Taliban’s winter offensive to destabilise region BBC- Online 07/03/2011
How Obama Lost Karzai Foreign Policy 02/22/2011
Scrounging for Answers in Afghanistan The National Interest 17/12/2010
The Way Out of Afghanistan The New York Review of Books 16/12/2010
Richard Holbrooke batted for Pakistan Daily Times 15/12/2010
How to get the Taliban talking BBC ONLINE 02/12/2010
Talks are the only route in Afghanistan Los Angeles Times 27/11/2010
Why a forlorn Karzai is breaking with the West Financial Times- 23/11/2010
NATO’s Dangerous Wager with Karzai The New York Review of Books 22/11/2010
Viewpoint: Karzai turns against Western allies BBC News South Asia 20/11/2010
Talks with Taliban ‘are being exaggerated’ BBC News South Asia 17/11/2010
Pakistani journalist upset by George Bush ‘plagiarism’ BBC News South Asia 16/11/2010
George Bush Book ‘Decision Points’ Lifted From Advisers’ Books The Huffington Post 12/11/2010
How the US can talk turkey with the Taliban Financial Times 02/11/2010
Meeting the mullahs takes more than meets the eye The Globe and Mail 22/10/2010
Obama must keep his eye on the Afghan exit Financial Times 05/10/2010
Why Europe fears Petraeus’s urge to surge The Financial Times 22/08/2010
It’s time for Plan B in Afghanistan The National- U.A.E. 14/08/2010
Losing Faith in Pakistan’s Future SPIEGEL ONLINE- Der Spiegel 05/08/2010
Afghanistan General’s verdict on war series The Great Game The Times 03/08/2010
Throwing the Afghan baby out with bath water BBC ONLINE 04/08/2010
Divide Afghanistan at your peril Financial Times 03/08/2010
Only talks with the Taliban can end an unwinnable war Evening Standard, London 19/07/2010
Petraeus’s Baby The New York Review of Books- Blog 14/07/2010
The US Must Choose To Talk BBC Online 14/07/2010
It is time to rethink the west’s Afghan strategy Financial Times, London 24/06/2010
The Tanner Lectures, Brasenose College – 2010 Lecture 1 (Afghanistan) Tanner Lectures 12/02/2010
Before The Endgame-America’s Fatal Flaws In Afghanistan Der Spiegel 25/05/2010
Afghan crunch time: Obama must decide whether to talk to the Taliban Washington Post 27/04/2010
Why the U.S. must talk to the Taliban Washington Post 17/03/2010
Pakistan and the Afghanistan End Game – Part I YaleGlobal 12/03/2010
Making war and peace in Afghanistan BBC ONLINE 03/11/2010
How to end the war in Afghanistan BBC NEWS 02/02/2010
The time to talk to the Taliban is now Guardian Newspaper, London 25/01/2010
Strong Afghan Taliban Might Talk: Pakistani Analyst Rueters 22/01/2010
A Deal with the Taliban? New York Review of Books 20/01/2010
Afghanistan and Pakistan face decisive year BBC NEWS 03/01/2010
How The Taliban Is Countering The U.S. Surge The New York Daily News 13/12/2009
A Deadline We Can Believe In?: Advantage: Taliban Op-Ed Contributor 11/12/2009
Afghanistan ; More questions than Answers, What Holbrooke Thinks The Daily Beast 05/12/2009
Afghan-Pakistani doubts over Obama plan BBC NEWS 02/12/2009
Afghanistan: The Missing Strategy The New York Review of Books 02/12/2009
Omar vs Obama The Globe and Mail, Canada 30/11/2009
How They Convinced Karzai New York Review of Books 23/10/2009
Prerelease: Ahmed Rashid Takes On the Crisis in AfPak The National Interest Online 10/21/2009
The Afghanistan Impasse The New York Review of Books 10/9/2009
Afghanistan’s future in peril BBC NEWS 8/9/2009
In Afghanistan, Let’s Keep It Simple Washington Post 6/9/2009
Afghan Meeting In Paris Overshadowed By Vote Fraud Claims Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 2/9/2009
Obama’s South Asia challenges BBC News 25/11/2008
A Pakistani Journalist’s View Of Afghanistan 21/11/2008
On Bin Laden’s 50th Birthday, Al Qaeda Structure Still Strong Eurasian Net 3/09/2007
Taliban Takeover Of Town Could Mark Start Of Military Offensive Eurasian Ne 05/02/2007
Karzai Sacks Aide Amid Plot Rumors Daily Telegraph 18/01/2007
British policy in Afghanistan is seriously damaging Western efforts against the Taliban, diplomats from allied countries have warned Daily Telegraph 06/01/2007
Pashtuns Want An Image Change BBC News 02/12/2006
Accept Defeat by Taliban, Pakistan tells Nato Daily Telegraph 29/11/2006
Pashtuns In Pakistan Speak Out Against The Taliban Insurgency In Afghanistan Eurasia Net 27/11/2006
Taliban Drown Our Values In Sea Of Blood, Say Political Leaders From The Pashtun Tribes Daily Telegraph 22/11/2006
How To Turn The Tide In Afghanistan International Herald Tribune 12/10/2006
British General Pushes For Action On Taliban Sanctuaries Daily Telegraph 10/10/2006
Karzai Calls In The Tribes In Bid To Oust Taliban Daily Telegraph 09/10/2006
Karzai For Jirga To Crush Taleban BBC 06/10/2006
Nato’s Top Brass Accuse Pakistan Over Taliban Aid Daily Telegraph 06/10/2006
Nato Backs Down Over Pakistan Ultimatum Daily Telegraph 16/9/2006
Losing The Battle For Hearts And Minds Daily Telegraph 11/09/2006
A report by Ahmed Rashid at a conference in Paris on 27 April 2006 about the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan 06/07/2006
Afghanistan To Eradicate Illegal Armed Groups At Any Cost: President Xinhua 03/07/2006
Intelligence Officers Widen The Net In Hunt For Taliban Daily Telegraph 29/06/2006
Afghanistan Crisis Paves Way For Return Of The Taliban Daily Telegraph 27/06/2006
The View From Swimming Pool Hill International Herald Tribune 27/06/2006
Afghanistan And Its Future Eurasia Net 26/06/2006
Afghanistan: On The Brink New York Review 22/06/2006
AfghanistanOn The Brink New York Review 24/5/2006
Taleban’s Second Coming BBC 31/5/2006
Afghanistan Poses The Real Threat Daily Telegraph 30/5/2006
Re-Emergence Of The Ousted Group Threatens US-Pakistan Alliance And Triggers A New Great Game Yale Global 23/5/2006
Spain And Afghanistan El Pais 12/5/2006
Afghan President Confronts Pakistani Counterpart Over Suicide Bombers Eurasia Net 21/2/2006
Britain Back On The Afghan Front Line Daily Telegraph 31/1/2006
It’s Worth The Sacrifice Globe and Mail, Canada 20/1/2006
Nation That Is Prize In The New Great Game Daily Telegraph 30/12/2005
Chief Ousted As British Troops Head For Afghan Drug Region Daily Telegraph 23/12/2005
Nato’s Afghanistan Troop Dilemma BBC 22/12/2005
Afghan Election Raises The Bar BBC 22/09/2005
Afghan Human Rights Abuses: A Chance For Change A EurasiaNet Commentary 04/08/2005
Rival Aims Hinder War On Terror BBC News 05/07/2005
Cold Exposes Afghanistan’s Broken Promises Us BBC News 13/03/2005
Karzai Appoints Three Women To Afghan Cabinet Daily Telegraph 24/12/2004
Afghanistan Hopes For Neighborly Goodwill Far Eastern Economic Review 14/10/2004
Karzai Looks To Rebuild A Nation Far Eastern Economic Review 14/10/2004
Afghan Wall Street Journal 11/10/2004
A Vote Is Cast Against The Warlords Far Eastern Economic Review 29/07/2004
Standing By Their Guns Far Eastern Economic Review 29/07/2004
Karzai Snubs Warlord Running Mate Daily Telegraph 27/07/2004
Al-Qa’eda Bankrolls Afghan Attacks Daily Telegraph 27/07/2004
A Murderous Attack On Chinese Workers Shows That The Country Is Far From Stable Far Eastern Economic Review 16/06/2004
US Nation-Building Abroad – Part III Yale Global 01/06/2004
UN Troubleshooter Ready to Tackle Daunting Challenges in Iraq Eurasia Net 25/05/2004
Bitter Critic Who Has Become Crucial In Rebuilding The Country The Daily Telegraph 25/05/2004
Rebuilding Afghanistan The Nation Magazine 08/01/2004
Afghanistan 2004 – The Year Ahead Daily Times 01/01/2004
After Saddam, Is The Capture Of Osama Bin Laden Now Possible Far Eastern Economic Review 17/12/2003
UN Rep Slams Pakistan Over Attacks Far Eastern Economic Review 17/12/2003
Let’s Make A Democracy Far Eastern Economic Review 17/12/2003
Afghanistan – Drugs Are Good For War Far Eastern Economic Review 16/10/2003
Afghanistan And Pakistan – Safe Haven For The Taliban Far Eastern Economic Review 09/10/2003
Taliban Mounted Militia Prepares For Border Strike Daily Telegraph 08/10/2003
No Democracy Far Eastern Economic Review 11/09/2003
Op-ed: Trying To ‘Indianise’ Afghan Problem Daily Times 27/07/2003
Islamabad’s Lingering Support For Islamic Extremists Threatens Pakistan-Afghanistan Ties Eurasia Net 23/07/2003
Afghan Leader Challenges Warlords — President’s Efforts To Tame Factionalism Are Hindered By Shortage Of Foreign Aid Wall Street Journal 18/07/2003
Pakistan Closes Its Embassy In Afghanistan Amid Escalating Diplomatic Tension Eurasia Net 08/07/2003
US Forces In Afghanistan To Deploy New Stratetgy Over Christmas The Nation 13/06/2003
Afghan Leader Pleads For More Security And Aid Daily Telegraph 05/06/2003
S.O.S. From Afghanistan Wall Street Journal 29/05/2003
Eyes Wide Shut Far Eastern Economic Review 28/05/2003
Karzai Asks Pakistan To Arrest Taliban Officers Wall Street Journal 24/04/2003
Afghan Security Concerns High Ahead Of Pakistan Summit Eurasia Net 21/04/2003
It’s Time For America To Apply Its Afghan Lessons To Iraq Daily Telegraph 28/03/2003
Afghan Crisis Wall Street Journal 22/02/2003
Afghan Warlords Kill At Will, Says UN Envoy Daily Telegraph 31/01/2003
The Great Trade Game Far Eastern Economic Review 23/01/2003
Afghanistan: Year-Ender 2002 – Tenuous Nation Building Middle-aged Haji Khair Muhammad continues 20/01/2003
American Commander Alters Military Strategy In Afghanistan Eurasia Net 13/01/2003
The Other Front Wall Street Journal 11/02/2003
Afghanistan’s Modest Progress The Wall Street Journal 03/01/2003
A Desire To Be Left Alone Far Eastern Economic Review/ Daily Telegraph 02/01/2003
US Embarks On New Afghan Strategy Daily Telegraph 24/12/2002
Karzai Risks All To Confront The Militia Generals Daily Telegraph 24/12/2002
Afghanistan Wall Street Journal 04/12/2002
Alliance Wall Street Journal 14/11/2002
Al-Qa’eda Has Learnt To Adapt In Adversity Daily Telegraph 16/10/2002
Afghanistan Imperiled The Nation 01/10/2002
Pastun Push Far Eastern Economic Review 12/09/2002
US Signals Afghan Policy Shift Daily Telegraph 27/08/2002
Karzai Takes On The Warlords The Nation 11/08/2002
Assassination, Bombing Incident In Afghanistan Pose Severe Political Challenge For Karzai’s Leadership Eurasia Net 07/08/2002
United States Faces Fault Lines In Building Afghan Army Eurasia Net 29/06/2002
In Afghanistan’s New Government, Disturbing Signs Of Divisiveness Wall Street Journal 24/06/2002
Compromise Key To Loya Jirga Success IWPR 10/06/2002
Afghanistan Stunted Far Eastern Economic Review 05/06/2002
Afghan Women Emerge As Elections Take Place Eurasia Net 17/05/2002
Civil Society Returns To Herat Eurasia Net 16/05/2002
Afghanistan – Great Leap Backwards Far Eastern Economic Review 12/04/2002
The Old Way Far Eastern Economic Review 28/03/2002
Afghanistan Far Eastern Economic Review 13/03/2002
Bushed About The Facts Far Eastern Economic Review 20/02/2002
Afghanistan – Old Rivals, Old Tunes Far Eastern Economic Review 20/02/2002
Afghanistan Wall Street Journal 15/02/2002
Fledgling Afghan Government Faces Scourge Of Warlordism — Local Leaders Who Ousted Taliban With Aid Of U.S. Are Restoring Old Fiefs Wall Street Journal 16/01/2002
Afghanistan’s Shias Wall Street Journal 03/12/2001
A Difficult War Far Eastern Economic Review 31/10/2001
Best Interests Far Eastern Economic Review 17/10/2001
America Attacks Far Eastern Economic Review 10/10/2001
A Path Paved With Pitfalls Far Eastern Economic Review 27/09/2001
Afghanistan – Include Afghans In Fight Against Taliban Los Angeles Times 23/09/2001
Wretched Afghanistan Washington Times 21/09/2001
The Coming War – The War Starts Here Far Eastern Economic Review 20/09/2001
Hitting Kabul Far Eastern Economic Review 13/09/2001
US-British Bombing Raids Seek To Cripple, Not Rout, Taliban Forces In Kabul Eurasia Net 10/09/2001
The Taliban – First, The War Far Eastern Economic Review 26/07/2001
Going All The Way In Kabul Far Eastern Economic Review 14/06/2001
Taliban Fighters ‘Massacre 300 Shia Muslims Daily Telegraph 08/02/2001
Massoud Ready to Fight on Eurasia Insight Eurasia Net 08/10/2000

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